About Us

Luxury You Can Feel


Sleep – such an essential part of the human experience and survival. It recharges you to power through those busy days. It’s where we grow. Where we can lay our minds at ease. It’s what we seek in the middle of that afternoon slump or at the end of late night festivities. And yet, for all the ways the human body relies on sleep, we don’t put enough thought into how we experience that sleep.


Born out of a desire to combine elegant luxury with comfortable sleep, Lacette creates a sleeping experience unlike any other. Some might call it the solution for the perfect night sleep, but we just prefer to call it our job. This is luxury you can feel.


The Lacette silk pillowcase will transform the way you sleep, and that difference starts with the finest silk and textiles. Our unique, innovative design combines mulberry silk construction on one side, and eco-friendly, luxuriously soft natural wood pulp fibers on the other for a night’s sleep unlike any other that you’ve experienced.

The silk provides a smooth, comfortable, cool sleep that protects your skin, helps defy aging and wrinkles, and is completely allergy free. Our patented wood pulp fiber offers the delicate, soft touch of our mulberry silk but remains warm for those cold winter nights all while providing the allergy and static-free experience that keeps your skin and hair healthy and nourished while you sleep.


It’s time to reclaim your sleep. With our innovative approach to bedding, you’ll sleep deeper, longer, and uninterrupted while enjoying all the health benefits that our revolutionary design has to offer. Welcome to a better night’s sleep. Welcome to Lacette, where we make luxury you can feel.